2019 International Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Exhibition and Conference

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8th Global Green Energy and PV Financial Summit    


Date:   13:30 - 17:30h, Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Room: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Grand Shanghai Ballroom 2


In recent years, the global photovoltaic industry, especially in China, has developed rapidly and its market has increased significantly. Residential and distributed photovoltaic (PV) installations, energy storage, big data + artificial intelligence, smart microgrids, and Internet of Things, among others, are becoming more closely integrated. As financing for renewable energy projects continues to be in high demand, the industry requires more financial innovation which fit to these new trends.


The Global Green Energy and PV Financial Summit will bring together senior experts and stakeholders in the PV and renewable energy industry to explore its critical challenges and potential solutions combining the developing trends in finance, renewables and digitalization.