2019 Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition

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The Application of Graphene in PV Industry Technology Seminar 2019
Date:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019 
Room: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Pudong Ballroom 5-7
Time: 9:00 - 12:30
Graphene has excellent performance in the field of optics, electric, thermal and force. In 2017, the development of graphene obtained further development in term of basic research and material preparation at home and abroad. Graphene has been deeply researched and applied in the fields of high-speed transistors, transparent electrodes, printed electronics, novel composite materials, ultrasensitive sensors, novel catalysts, gene sequencing and energy storage devices. Meanwhile, graphene industrialization has been rapidly promoted in our country. In 2016 and 2017, SNEC organized “The Application of Graphene in PV Industry and Energy Storage Technology Seminar”, supported by Tsinghua University, industrial alliance and industrial demonstration area. The seminar has become a valuable professional platform for the docking of photovoltaic industry and the new material industry and has been affirmed by the industry for its academic and professional level.
SNEC 2018 “The Application of Graphene in PV Industry Summit” will focus on the research, technology and industrialization of photovoltaic, energy, energy storage and sensors. The summit targets participants such as scholars, experts, and entrepreneurs in the graphene and photovoltaic industry to explore the application of graphene in the photovoltaic industry. It is co-organized by Tsinghua University and supported by industrial alliance and industrial demonstration area.

 Please note:The agenda is subject to change