关于酒店预订的声明/ DECLARATION


To the exhibitors, the visitors and whom it may concern:

近日,我司发现有公司以2019年6月4-6日在上海新国际博览中心举办的2019国际储能和氢能及燃料电池工程技术大会暨展览会 之名进行虚假宣传,冒充酒店预订部,对外承揽酒店预订业务,该行为严重侵犯了我公司的合法权益,我司已向相关部门进行举报,目前尚在查处中。 

Recently, we have found a company who pretend to be the agency in charge of hotel reservation for 2019 Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition to be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on June 4-6,2019 and provides hotel reservation service. These behaviors violate the lawful rights of Shanghai Follow Me Exhibition Service Co., Ltd seriously. We have already reported it to the relevant government authorities.

在此,我司郑重声明:2019国际储能和氢能及燃料电池工程技术大会暨展览会 唯一官方网址为 www.snec.org.cn。我司至今开展的酒店预订服务业务是直接通过官方网站预订,从未与任何个人、企业或机构合作开展上述服务,任何以2019国际储能和氢能及燃料电池工程技术大会暨展览会 名义提供酒店预订服务的公司或机构均系假冒。  Hereby, we declare that: 2019 Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition's official website is www.snec.org.cn. Hotel reservation service is provided via SNEC official website only. Our company has never cooperated with any individuals, enterprises or agencies for hotel reservation service. The agencies that provide hotel reservation services in the name of 2019 Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition are all fakes.

For all hotel information, please directly contact the organizing committee:
王一衡 小姐 Ms. Phoebe Wang
电 话Tel:021-33685031-818
电 邮Email:wangyiheng@snec.org.cn

Please distinguish carefully to avoid losses!

Follow Me Int'l (Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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We offer 5 official hotels with special rates to all our exhibitors, visitors and conference attendees. The closest hotel is in walking distance and the furthest is about 20 minutes away by car.

The detailed hotel information is shown below. To book rooms, please firstly choose the hotel and room type, and then complete the form as requested; after the application is submitted, a confirmation letter will be sent to you via email. Then please print and sign on the confirmation letter, and email it Ms. Phoebe Wang for further process. For any assistance, please contact Ms. Phoebe Wang by emailing to hotel@snec.org.cn or calling 021-33685031-818.